thisgirllikes2shop Foundation Review

thisgirllikes2shop Foundation Review

Posted by Lola | January 4, 2018 | Lola Product Reviews
thisgirllikes2shop Review

Finding Foundations Branded or Drug store

Its never easy finding the right foundation, what works one day may not the next. The seasons change our skin tone changes, we get ill, take medication and the cycle continues. So what is the right foundation? I personally don’t have the answer but here are a few of my love hate favourites and not so favourite foundation from luxury to drugstore.

Lola Picture perfect foundation I absolutely love this foundation out of all the products I’m reviewing on this blog this is my favourite in so many ways. Firstly it does everything it says on the box, it only retails at £19.95 and the quality is just as good as a high end foundation. Ok so it’s a little more expensive than the drug store products and gives the same full coverage effect. The difference is the quality is much better, less product goes further and it has a beautiful silky texture. It leaves your skin feeling very smooth and silky.  I’d definitely recommend this for anyone with oily skin. I have normal skin a little dehydrated with some rosacea and it covers this well. It will suit all skin types but I think if you have oily skin you might feel this helps a lot to reduce shine.


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