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Base Coat

A quick drying base coat formulated with natural hydrating plant extracts, essential to protect the nails and extend the wear of nail colour.

Its vitamin and multi-mineral enriched complex work together to help protect, restore and improve nails’ natural suppleness.


Nail Brightener

Like a concealer for nails, this nail treatment targets yellowing or poorly ageing nails through a blend of antioxidant vitamins and seaweed extracts to nourish them back to optimal condition.

UV absorbers protect against yellowing whilst its quick drying formula helps even out the nail surface and can be used as a ridge filler.



Nail Strenghtener

This quick-drying wonder product hardens the nail surface, edge and tip to help prevent breaking and splitting. Ideal for thin and weak nails, or if you want to encourage nail growth.

It can be used in place of a base coat or on its own for a natural colour.

Aldehyde Complex helps to harden keratin, giving nails more strength, while other actives help to improve the overall condition of the nails.


To use: Apply two coats to clean dry nails or if using as a base coat, apply one coat under nail polish.


Quick Dry Top Coat

A similar formula to those used for quick service professional manicures, this Quick Dry Top Coat instantly shields colour and locks in high shine, giving a hard and chip-resistant film to extend the duration of your nail polish, and help reduce colour fading.