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Bent Pointed Eyeliner Brush

This brush is designed for absolute precision in liquid and gel eyeliner application. The synthetic fibres keep their streamlined shape after cleaning and make it the perfect brush to achieve thin and precise lines. For best results, ensure the brush is fully covered with product before application.

Brow Brush

This handy tool helps to blend and soften the look of brow pencil and powders. The comb neatens any unruly hairs and helps you create a more defined look.

Eyeshadow Brush

The Eyeshadow Brush has been specially designed with firm synthetic fibres to apply and blend all types of cream textures on the eye area.

Use with eye primer, cream eye shadow, eye pencils, gel eyeliners and concealers.

Eyeshadow Flat Brush

Thanks to its densely packed and soft natural fibres, the Eyeshadow Flat Brush is perfect for applying and blending powder eyeshadow to the entire lid and for detailing certain areas like the crease.

Mascara Brush – Outlet

Use this spiral brush after applying mascara to eliminate any unwanted clogging and separate the lashes. It can also be used to neaten any unruly brow hairs.

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Pointed Eye Liner Brush

The angled tip of this brush reaches the base of your lashes making it easier to apply precision liquid and gel eyeliner. It allows your hand to stay in a more comfortable position when applying and the soft-touch, anti-slip handle feels secure in the hand, aiding control and overall performance.

Smudger Brush

Use the Smudger Brush to blend eyeshadow and avoid harsh lines around the outer corners of the eyes where colour can sometimes come to an abrupt stop. Also use it under the eyes or for more detailed blending work.

The soft natural fibres allow you to achieve a much softer look.

Strobbing brush

The Strobbing brush is designed to set and highlight the face for a perfected-skin finish. Use with cream, liquid or powder products to apply, blend, set and highlight the skin.