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Lola Chronic Beauty
Posted by Lola | 11 August 2016

I’ve not tried this range before but, I’m liking the pigment perfect Lola makeup pieces from this British designer brand. Affordable, quality colour that doesn’t skimp on results. Lola ~ makeup by Perse A bit about the brand : Designed for use by makeup artists, this British based and Italian made (the best for manufacturing…

Lola Lavender Barn Review
Posted by Lola | 11 August 2016

Hiya Darlins If you shop at larger branches of Marks & Spencer you will have already discovered the gorgeous make up brand Lola by Perse a gorgeous full range of quality beautifully pigmented make up. Here are a couple of eye shadows from the range, there are 22 colours to chose from, totally spoilt for…

Lola Fashion and Style Police
Posted by Lola | 11 August 2016

I had the opportunity to try out some LOLA Makeup by Perse, some weeks ago. I received the products you can see above, and they have become some of my favourite items in my makeup bag. The products I received are – A Pink Lip Gloss. 3 Eyeshadow Shades. A Mascara. A Brush. For those…

Lola Purple Products
Posted by Lola | 11 August 2016

The M&S beauty department has been a revelation and revolution on the high street.  The brand that for me is synonymous with that department is Lola. It has been there from the beginning and in terms of colour products, it provides great pigment.  I’m now waiting for the brand to increase their complexion shade range. …